Solar- Power, where is it found

Top 10 Countries Using Solar Power


  1. Germany: 35.5 GW
  2. China: 18.3 GW
  3. Italy: 17.6 GW
  4. To see the other top seven countries…Read more>>


Solar+Storage in Australia

renewable-button  Why Are Big Storage Companies Are Eyeing Australia

                            By Sneha Shah | 20 Sep, 2016



Top Solar States vs Top Solar Countries: Total Solar Power Capacity Per Capita (top ten, where is your state ranked) image credit: Zachary Shahan

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China Leads World to Solar Power Record in 2013

June 18, 2014 By J. Matthew Roney

In the last two years, countries around the world have added almost as much new solar photovoltaics (PV) capacity as had been added since the invention of the solar cell. Nearly 38,000 megawatts of PV came online in 2013, a new annual record. In all, the world’s… Learn more>>




Making Solar Power History At Ivanpah

The World’s Largest Concentrating Solar Power Plant.

February 14, 2014,  Marissa Newhall– Managing Editor,

dyk solar making history

The Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating System, located in the Mojave Desert in southern California, uses a field of mirrors called heliostats to focus sunlight onto boilers at the top of three 459-foot tall towers. The boilers create steam that’s used to spin turbines — generating enough electricity to power nearly 100,000 homes. Yesterday, Ivanpah officially began supplying power to the grid….Read more>>.


Top 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Concentrating Solar Power

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Types Of Solar Thermal Power Plants

Solar Thermal Power Uses Solar Energy Instead Of Combustion- There are three main types of solar thermal power systems:

– Parabolic troughs

– Solar dish

– Solar power tower


Where Is Solar Found


– Solar Energy is Sunshine

The amount of solar energy that the earth receives each day is many times greater than the total amount of energy consumed around the world. However, solar energy is a variable and intermittent energy source. The amount and intensity of sunlight varies by location, and…Learn more>>

– Concentrating collectors

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Source: National Renewable Energy Laboratory, U.S. Department of Energy

-Photovoltaic systems

enlarge graphic>>  SOLAR- BASICS WHERE 2

Source: National Renewable Energy Laboratory, U.S. Department of Energy