Biofuel- Ethanol Articles



Minnesota Ethanol Plant Stopping Production During Market Uncertainty
By Todd Neely | august 28, 2019


Largest Ethanol Maker Closes Indiana Plant, Blames EPA Waivers
By Chuck Abbott| august 20, 2019


Iowa Ethanol Plant Temporarily Shuts Down Amid ‘Supply-Demand Imbalance’
By O. Kay Henderson | July 31, 2019


Corn Industry Battered By Shocking Ethanol Decision


Biofuels, explained


Feedstock Flexibility
by Matt Thompson | May 13, 2019


Current Methodologies and Advances inBio-ethanol Production
by Rastogi M and Shrivastava S | August 21, 2018


Corn’s Contenders: Three Promising Feedstock Alternatives for the US Ethanol Industry
by Jacques Moss | Mar 19, 2018


“1.5 Gen” Technologies Could Boost Cellulosic Ethanol Production by Nearly 2 Billion Gallons
by Jessie Stolark | September 1, 2017


Well-to-wake analysis of ethanol-to-jet and sugar-to-jet pathways
by Jeongwoo Han, Ling Tao & Michael Wang |  January 24, 2017


Lux: Cellulosic Ethanol Price Hinges On Feedstock Cost
By Lux Research | February 25, 2016