Thorium- advantage and disadvantage



Thorium As Nuclear Fuel
– What are the benefits of using Thorium?
-What are the downsides of Thorium?
-What about making bombs?
-Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactors


Myths About Thorium Nuclear Fuel
By: Nick Touran, Ph.D. (in Nuclear Engineering), March 2014

First- a letter to the internet.
Dear Internet, we need to have a talk about Thorium. It has many good attributes as a nuclear fuel, but the things being said on the internet have become largely misleading, if not all-out inaccurate…Read more>>

Second- 6 Myths and a Wall of Shame
Myth #1: Development of Thorium-based molten salt reactors got cancelled because they couldn’t make bombs!
Myth #2: Thorium reactors never need enrichment!
Myth #3: Thorium reactors cannot make bombs!
Myth #4: There’s more Thorium than Uranium!
Myth #5: Thorium reactors exclusively make waste that is safe in hundreds of years!
Myth #6: Thorium reactors and Molten Salt Reactors are the same thing!

Wall of Shame!


What Are The Problems With LFTR Technology?
By:  Charles Barton-  Posted August 29, 2011

What are the problems with MSR/LFTR technology? This turns out to be a hard question to answer. Since there are a large number of LFTR design options, however, it is difficult to identify a set of problems that shared all of the options. Rather we should talk about elective choices, and the problems that a MSR/LFTR designer would face if a certain option were chosen…Read more>>