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Entrepreneurs are creating and adapting new energy production by transforming one primary energy source into another energy source. i.e. burning wood to boil water creates steam. Or, wind turbines transform the energy from the wind into electricity. We seek to inform our site visitors of how entrepreneurs view their technologies, roles and interaction with the power grid or the end user.


LUBBERS   Tom LUBBERS-  Owner, The Log Boiler

For more information on Tom please go to his bio page: http://www.energy-101.org/experts/tom-lubbers

EFFICIENT GASIFICATION-    video, mp3 and transcription


WARD   Garth WARD- Owner & Operator of Michigan Wind Power LLC 

For more information on Garth please go to his bio page:  http://www.energy-101.org/experts/ward-garth

AFFORDABLE- video, mp3 and transcription

TRANSMISSION- mp3 and transcription

OLD AND NEW TECHNOLOGY-  mp3 and transcription

BIG AND SMALL WIND-  mp3 and transcription