Energy Crisis


MACINNES  Jim MACINNES- President and Co-owner of Crystal Mountain Resort and Spa

ENERGY CRISIS-  video, mp3 and transcription

times-thin-white How Oil Prices Impact the U.S. Economy-  

                          By Andrew Beattie | March 25, 2015

times-thin-whiteHow Does the Changing Price of Oil Affect Economies around the World?  

                         August 2015.   Experts from the Global Network for Advanced Management weigh in on how fluctuating oil prices affect the economy in their home countries.

times-thin-whiteThe Economic Impact of South Africa’s Energy Crisis

                          By: Miriam Mannak | June 2015.   South Africa’s chronic power outages are threatening the country’s productivity, economic performance and competitiveness


ROGERS  Karel ROGERS, PhD- Professor of Biology, Emeritus, Grand Valley State University

ENERGY CRISIS-  video mp3 and transcription