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General Manager, Cherryland Electric Cooperative
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Video Transcript:

Transparency to me as the general manager of Cherryland Electric Cooperative involves my board of directors. I have a board of seven that’s elected by the membership, the thirty three thousand members we serve democratically elect these seven board members and they represent the entire membership. It’s my duty at board meetings and when I get questions outside of board meetings from these elected officials that I give them all the options, all the issues, all the sides of an argument so they can make the best decision possible. They are certainly welcome to go out on there own to do their own research and many of them do that they don’t trust just me to get the information from because they are responsible individuals. But when I think about being transparent and the face of that transparency it’s that board of directors I answer to. I have to be honest with them, I have to be fare with them, and I have to give them every side of every issue. Even the bad sides I may not like I may not agree with, they need to have all the tools available to them because they have to answer to the membership. When they leave the boardroom they have to listen to all 33,000 members we serve. So it’s very important that I’m totally transparent to that board of directors. Because they have to pass that down the line to the people who elect them and when I focus on transparency it’s those elected officials who I get direction and guidance from.

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