Tony Anderson – Urgency (2009.10.02)

General Manager, Cherryland Electric Cooperative
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Video Transcript:

For me, we’ve sat on our base load generation, we’ve sat on our transmission line, and enjoyed the fruits of that labor for the last 50 years.  There’s a little bit of an urgency for me because those plants are getting old, and I want to know how we’re going to replace them.  And I want to know when that’s going to happen, how that’s going to happen, and what it’s going to ultimately cost my members.  So, yeah, I feel a sense of urgency because I want to know how it’s going to end and what it’s going to cost in the end.  Because costs are going up.  That’s a given.  But again, it goes back to the combination.  What combination of electricity sources are we going to have in the future to keep my rates affordable?  How much wind?  How much solar?  How much coal?  How much nuclear?  That’s the sense of urgency for me.  I want to see the country come together and generate a consensus on what that balance is.  We’re going to have a balance and we’re going to keep it affordable and we’re going to give our kids decent electric rates because we work together and we compromise and we’ve created a balance.  I want to figure that out.

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