Tony Anderson – Tough Questions (2009.10.03)

General Manager, Cherryland Electric Cooperative
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Video Transcript:

I’ve been in the electric co-op business for 26 years.  I currently manage an electric co-op in Michigan, and a tough question for me is, how do we grow this country without coal and nuclear base load generation?  When will the environmental groups stop saying hell no to coal and nuclear and come to the table and reach some sort of compromise on how we move forward, how we grow beyond renewables, beyond conservation?  There isn’t one silver bullet.  Everything has got to be in play, and we can’t just say hell no to one or two pieces.  If you want to be in the game you’ve got to be at the table with everything.  And the last tough question for me is, how do we keep rates affordable in the long term?

Topics: Tough Questions — October 2nd by Tony Anderson

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