Jim MacInnes – Tough Questions (2009.10.03)

President and Co-owner of Crystal Mountain Resort and Spa
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Video Transcript:

I think the hard questions are, how are we going to break this gridlock in getting things done?  We have a lot of work ahead of us.  We have a lot of opportunity and potential with renewable technology.  But we have so many, we’ve created such a bottleneck in so many ways, to get things done, that we’re basically frozen.  And I think we need to be asking the hard questions about, how do we clear up this bottleneck?  How do we get things moving?  How do we really get renewable energy integrated into our lifestyle and the power grid on an aggressive basis, so that we can overcome some of the problems that we’re going to see, probably, as a result of peak oil and some of the other issues?

Topics: Tough Questions — October 3rd by Jim MacInnes

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