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General Manager, Cherryland Electric Cooperative
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Video Transcript:

My role in the industry, in the area going forward, is to educate people on what we’re doing, to keep rates affordable and to educate people on the balance in energy supply that’s necessary to keep rates affordable, and to be open minded enough to listen to new forms of generation and participate in the discussion about the balance.  Because I can’t sit here as an old utility guy and say coal is it and there’s nothing else to consider.  I have to be open minded enough to consider the other sources; wind, solar, anything new that may be generated.  So I see my role as being open minded, participating in the discussion, listening to other people and trying to create that balance that we need.  And that balance is energy efficiency, conservation, wind, solar, hydro, coal or nuclear.  We have to come together and decide on what the proper balance is so we can have affordable rates, reliable service in the future.  And my role is to facilitate that discussion and that education wherever I can.

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