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Well, I was pedigreed as a civil engineer, but found that most of my career has been tied up in building buildings.  I’ve worked for the design firms, I’ve worked for the contracting firms and have also worked for some pretty good owners that have been very interested in building good buildings.  But it’s from the practical perspective.  And my role as a consultant that helps people build green buildings has been one of helping people make it usable.

There’s a whole host of people, scientists and academics, that really have a great handle and passion for making it meaningful, what we do different.  I love the challenge of helping those people that are practitioners get to the point where it’s usable.  A simple example:  One of the things that we’re now watching is the VOC, the volatile organic chemical concentration in adhesives and paints.  All right?  And it’s measured in the unit called grams per liter.  Well, this is something that probably is difficult to understand, but when you realize from high school chemistry that there were 1,000 grams per liter in water, that density, it gets to be real easy to say, hey, it’s as simple as baseball averages.  And I’ll look out at all those contractors and guys on the construction site and bet them money that they know a half a dozen batting averages as teenagers.  And all you’ve got to remember is, you’re the pitcher.  You want to get the VOC levels down as low as possible.

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