John Stivers – Problems (2009.10.03)

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Video Transcript:

My mother went over to help my grandmother pack up and move out of her house, or try to convince her that she ought to.  And she pointed out, you know, your roof is leaking.  You’ve got all these problems.  And my grandmother turned around and looked at my mom and said, “Alice, I like my problems.”  Well, as a practitioner in an industry that’s undergoing a major amount of change, I like my problems because it makes us learn new things and it’s a challenge.  It’s what we get up for everyday.  And the first thing—and this gets back to an observation that Charles Handy, a British business write has made—is that the elements of change are the exact same elements of education.  And the trick is for those of us that are seriously interested in identifying the problems and coming up with the solutions, is to work on the curriculum.  And today, it’s amazing in our community here in West Michigan, the number of not just engineers and architects that have become LEED accredited professionals, but also the contractors, the project managers in those firms, the foremen even in subcontractors.  So they’ve embraced it and have moved to a new agenda.  But it’s back to, what is it we need to do?  What is it we need to learn?  And then getting on with it.

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