Jim MacInnes – Problems (2009.10.03)

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Video Transcript:

Well, the problem is that for many decades we really haven’t had a strong national energy policy.  As a matter of fact, we haven’t had much of a national energy policy at all.  We continue to be dependent upon foreign oil sources.  We import about 60% of our oil, and obviously, as the rest of the world grows and all wants to drive cars, such as China and India and emulate our economy, there’s going to be even more and more pressure on world energy supplies.

So we need to…  I think there’s an opportunity for a solution here, and that is to create an energy policy in our country where we try to focus our efforts on weaning ourselves away from foreign oil and developing renewable energy, which ultimately is going to be what we’re going to need to be sustainable, because fossil fuels are all subject to depletion and they are finite, and renewable energy potentially can be infinite in terms of, as long as you don’t use it at a rate that is unsustainable.

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