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General Manager, Cherryland Electric Cooperative
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Video Transcript:

Yeah, for me, making lemonade out of all the energy issues is creating the proper balance.  We’ve been balanced…  Unbalanced towards coal or nuclear in the past.  In the future, to fight climate change, we’re going to have to create a better balance.  We’re going to have to bring in more wind, more solar, keep maintaining our hydro and include coal and nuclear, and also focus on energy efficiency and conservation.  All those together create a balance, create a good pool of lemonade that will be better for keeping rates lower in the future.

Rate increases are coming.  We have needs for future power, but I can do my job and keep rates affordable if I can create the right balance of all those sources of power.  We can’t focus just on one.  Making lemonade is creating the right balance of all those sources and all those industries will improve.

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