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Looking forward, I think there’s a lot of hope.  A couple of years ago, in Chicago, all of those that are involved with green buildings got together and they listened to 2 very dynamite speakers.  Paul Hawkins was the first one, and he brought a message to us that said, there are a lot of folks that are organizing in order to address the problems around the world.  They’re doing it locally, they’re doing it state organizations, they’re doing it nationally or globally.  But the number of people involved in that is astounding.  And it was amazing to hear him tell those stories.  And he actually published a book about it.

Now, the other part of it for me that’s personally exciting is to think I’m part of the people that were there, because the next day Bill Clinton spoke to us.  And the former president pointed out that he found it really delightful to be in a room full of practitioners; those of us who actually get our hands dirty, that understand how the nuts and bolts go together.  And it’s a huge opportunity for us going forward.

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