Tony Anderson – Reliable (2009.10.03)

General Manager, Cherryland Electric Cooperative
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Video Transcript:

My favorite topic is reliability. I feel that’s what we do. That’s our mission as an electric co-op is to keep your lights on 24/7/365. We realize that we can never do that. One hundred percent reliability at an electric utility is impossible. But what we try to shoot for is how many 9s can we get? We are consistently on 99.9% of the time. We want to take it out further, and every month we look at that second and third 9. Are we on 99.98%, .97, .96? What is that second 9? Sometimes we can hit that second 9. A long-term goal for me, what makes me excited going to work, is the day I’m going to hit that third 9. When I get your electricity on 99.999% of the time, that’s going to be a great day. And that’s what I’m working for.

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