John Stivers – Reliable (2009.10.03)

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Video Transcript:

How reliable are the things that we’re thinking about doing as we change? That’s the ongoing question that I address with people I work with as a Green building consultant all the time. Fortunately those people that are serious providers have come up with ways to demonstrate their reliability successfully. And oftentimes it comes from collaboration, such as the furniture industry uses their trade association to develop standards that they realize that they can agree with, that are significantly better, that creates a challenge for them in the workplace. There’s one thing that we all like is a challenge. And also ensures that those people that are buying their products can rely on the claims that are being made. And those same standards, and the recognition of them, whether it be Forester, Chip Council, FSC Wood, that’s now showing up in the lumber companies and what have you, or recognized labeling on products when it comes to DOC admissions and so forth, they’re all, now, getting recognized as being reliable. And the consumers, the purchasers that are making those choices day in and day out, now have started to recognize those organizations that are independent of the producers, generally, that ensure the reliability of those products. It’s a fascinating transition that’s occurred outside of government and voluntarily in the last decade. But it’s amazing how quickly they’ve come into place.

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