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Video Transcript:

I’m old enough to remember Roy and Martin in Laugh In, and they used to go get their funk and wagonals.  Well, if you looked up green in the dictionary, initially it’s a color.  And as you get further down in those definitions, you start to see how words are often associated with other words, such as washing.  So green washing is something that’s, unfortunately, prevalent among, you know, manufacturers and advertisers and marketing agents and so forth.  But there is hope.

More and more of us are figuring out what’s really involved in saving the planet, and as a result, when we hear green washing our antennae go up and we immediately know, these guys don’t get it.  And it actually allows us to keep looking until we find those producers of products and services that do get it.

So green, it’s a broad term.  It has a lot of meanings.  But I’m trusting in those of us who have taken the time to figure out just enough to spot the green washing, so that we can get on with the agenda of basically doing the right thing.

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