Tony Anderson – Climate Change

General Manager, Cherryland Electric Cooperative
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Video Transcript:

In the electric co-op industry, we’ve taken the position that we’re not going to debate the science of climate change.  We’re going to move on from that debate and decide what we do about it.  And one of the things…  The plan we have is to…  How do we deal with climate change and keep electricity affordable?  And we feel that if we focus on clean full technologies, nuclear energy, energy efficiency, energy conservation and renewable energy, that a combination of all those sources of electricity will help us in the battle against climate change.  There isn’t one silver bullet.  It’s a combination of bullets that’s going to fix this problem.  And we want to proactively go forward with those avenues, with the goal of keeping it affordable at the same time.  And we feel a combination of those resources will keep electricity affordable over the long term.

Topics: Climate Change — October 2nd by Tony Anderson

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