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It would be great if we all knew what our carbon footprint was.  You can do it for your household, as an example.  You can do it for your business.  And it’s just basically a measure of the amount of CO2 emissions, or those other gases and so forth that go into the atmosphere, that we call greenhouse gases.  Those are measured in metric tons and generally there’s something in the United States, on a per capita basis, that we produce, which is about 19 to 20 metric tons per person.  Okay?

The curious thing, though, is it’s kind of like all the other tests that I have to take at this time in my life, whether I go see my doctor or whatever.  I want all my test results to be lower, as opposed to higher, at this point.  And it’s curious; the per capita emissions, or carbon footprint if you will, for Switzerland, for example, is about a quarter of what it is for the United States, even though their domestic income per capita is higher than the U.S.’s.  So it’s a lifestyle choice.  We make certain decisions.  We do things like insulate our house, use different fuels, and it’s easy to make these determinations.  Our use of carbon is almost directly related to the fuels that we consume.  You can go to the web and all the math formulas that it takes to figure this out downloads in the script right behind that pretty web page where you fill in the blanks.  It’s not rocket science.  So it’s very straight forward, so that there’s a way to save money on fuel, less electricity, changing out the light bulbs, insulating the house, your carbon footprint can come down.

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