We all owe it to ourselves to explore and understand how ENERGY is TAUGHT, USED and TRANSFORMED.

ENERGY-101.ORG is focused on credibility. Everyone interprets credibility a little differently, so we’ve decided to add an Experts Bio page for you to decide for yourself if someone on this site is credible.

We believe in the basics of energy and its role in our lives and society. Terms such as “energy” and “power” have distinct meanings and without understanding these meanings, any discussion of potential solutions is bound to lack substance.

Our core principles are:

• Teachers of the sciences are under pressure to give our kids an education that can increase this nations science scores. We support that work with simple, useful and accurate definitions of key terms and concepts.

• Every business has a product of some kind and every business uses energy to make their product. How these businesses manage the energy they use is always a bottom line concern but how government and different company managements make their decisions is frequently based more on Opinion than Science. We seek to bridge the gap between opinions and facts.

• Entrepreneurs are creating and adapting new energy production by transforming one energy source into another energy source. i.e. burning wood to boil water creates steam. Or, wind turbines transform the energy from the wind into electricity. We seek to inform our site visitors of how entrepreneurs view their technologies, roles and interaction with the power grid or the end user.